How Much Do Our Singing Waiters Cost?

With so many singing waiter companies out there, it’s important to know what you’re paying for and to be aware of some of the potential hidden costs you could be stung with.

Here at The Singing staff, when we give you a quote, that is the full fixed price. Unlike other agencies who may charge you extra, all of the following is included:

  • Time spent acting as waiters – We get there before your guests and pretend to be actual waiters. The more we can do, the better!
  • Picking your own set list. Its your event, so we want to sing what you want! The price includes 2 days of rehearsals to make sure the songs are perfect
  • Equipment. We bring with us state-of-the-art yet discrete sound equipment
  • Travel to your venue. Depends on the songs you pick, we will send the singers best suited for your songs, from anywhere in the UK!
  • Public Liability Insurance and VAT.
  • Venue liaison – We do all of the leg work, and pick up with the venue so you don’t have to
  • Uniforms. From Police to Waiters, we bring our own uniform to ‘blend in’
  • PAT testing for our Equipment
  • An 8 song show
  • COVID Cover – if your event can’t go ahead, we will help you move it for free

By the time you’ve added it all up, you can suddenly find that the quote you were originally given isn’t quite as good value as you initially thought, which is why all of the above is included in our quotes!

How We Charge

We don’t believe in surprise charges, so rest assured that whatever we quote you, it will be for the full package!

We find that the performances work best when your guests are completely convinced that we are real waiters, so we’ll include this as part of our performance as standard. We bring all our own equipment, and we’ll make sure we arrive at least 2 hours before your guests arrive to make sure we have everything set up and sound-checked.

We also firmly believe that your special day should be tailored exactly as you’d like it, so there are no additional fees for picking your own songs! Travel to the venue is also included in our quote.

Everyone at The Singing Staff is one of the performers – there’s no salespeople and no middle men, so we don’t charge any additional agency fees.

It’s why we guarantee to undercut any like for like quote by up to 40% – saving you a packet!


All our quotes are tailored to your specific requirements. Every event is different, and there are a number of factors that will affect the overall cost of your singing waiter hire.

The main factor is the location of your event. We travel all over the UK so this isn’t an issue but it depends where we are coming from the day before your event!

We’ll tailor our performance to suit the event size and guest list.

The venue is also an important consideration, as location can affect travel and accommodation for performers. We’ll work closely with you to understand the specific details and make sure it’s all included in the quote, so there’s no nasty hidden fees.

Finally, there is also the set itself to consider. Our talented singers sing a whole range of different genres and know most of the classics by heart. We’ve also got a pretty good idea of the songs that tend to work well and get your guests joining in. Ultimately though, it’s your event, and we’re here to make it special! We’re happy to sing whichever songs you pick, and whatever we quote will include any necessary rehearsal time.


Unsurprisingly, the better and more qualified the singers, the higher prices they can charge, however, as we aren’t an agency we can save costs, as your money goes direct to the singers. Professionally trained singers like our team can be quite expensive if you got through an agency, but not if you come direct to us.

Here at The Singing Staff, however, because we don’t have salespeople or agency fees, we can charge a lot less – so you’ll get highly trained, West End singers for a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere. We’re so confident you’ll enjoy our performance that we even offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

How does paying work

We ask you to pay a small deposit via card (credit or debit for your security) but only once you have seen and agreed to the contract! The contract is there mainly to protect you. It will detail exactly what you have asked for! You should NEVER pay for singing waiters without seeing one, and we certainly don’t try and pressure you into paying there and then on the phone, we give you 14 days to decide on your quote. The rest of the money is due as and when you want to pay! You can pay it all off at once, by interest free payment plans, or as most people do, you can pay 10 days before your event. The way you pay wont effect the price, so you just need to choose the method that is best for you! We don’t want to sit on your money, so you don’t need to settle the balance until 10 days before your event!


As with everything in life, you get what you pay for! If you’re looking for an exceptional entertainment act that will make for a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests, then a singing waiter act like ours is worth every penny.

If you’d like a quote, please get in touch with one of our singers today and we’ll be happy to help!

10 ReasonS to choose us

Over 11 years in the industry
Free bespoke planning service
You choose the songs
NO added extra fees
Speak and deal directly with the singers
Fully trained performers
Choose Pop / Opera / Music Theatre / Swing
Save over 40% on ‘agency fees’
Never pay upfront
FREE payment plans


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